Doctor, Doctor I am sick. See me online very quick!

Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) has radically changed access to healthcare across the country.  Much as more concern is geared towards addressing our needs for COVID19 cases from testing, housing (for observation) & actual care itself, other non-emergency diseases need to be addressed as well.

How can this be made possible when ECQ is imposed in almost all regions & the mere thought of a face to face consult with a doctor bring about fear of contracting COVID19.

Fear not as options are now aplenty with the proliferation of telemedicine to address these medical conditions not warranting emergency assistance and for the patients needing follow up consults with their doctors.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the virtual patient-doctor interaction through multimedia applications or voice calls. Physicians can create/offer their own telemedicine initiatives for their patients who wish to consult with them during ECQ situation.

This virtual consultation also allows patients to acquire an electronic prescription as per FDA Circular no. 2020-007 dated March 17, 2020 through emails, handwritten or computer-generated PDF files with electronic signature or aided by a specialized software.

Telemedicine options:



Download their app or access their web portal to register. Payment methods available – credit cards, mobile credits, or third-party online payment systems like PayPal or PayMaya. Some are  accredited with HMOs. Reputable tertiary hospitals, including some outside Metro Manila, have embraced this system, some with the assistance from national and local government units.

Facebook (FB) and its messenger, which is widely-used, may also be a platform used to access your doctors. Many doctors have already set their FB pages for scheduled consultations.

Telemedicine cannot replace the ideal face the face doctor consultation in this restricted times, however, it will provide a bridge needed to reach them.  Let us embrace the advancement of telecommunication and check if your doctor is online.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned e-consultation applications are just examples of what can be utilized in these uncertain times. Discretion from doctors and patients on the convenient platform must be exercised to continue the doctor-patient relationship.